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Saturday, December 3, 2011

The Traveling T-shirt Fundraiser

Hey everyone,
I've been away for a while. So, so busy with the kids being sick and all for the last month and a half. Also, we were just waiting for an okay from our adoption agency to go ahead and submit the rest of our paperwork to our homestudy agency. They gave us that okay, so we sent the paperwork off at the end of last week! Now, it's time to get serious about trying to find ways to raise some money so we can get our little girl home. So, about 4 months ago, I had this really crazy idea..or so I thought! I woke up one morning and this idea just popped into my head. I layed there with the thought going around and around in my mind. I was thinking...people will think I'm crazy, so I wrote the idea down and for the most part forgot about it until now. I have decided to just go for it. I honestly believe that God had me think of this for a reason (So, it must not be crazy after all)!! Here's how it will work.....I will be buying Autumn a pink t-shirt. Next, my hope is that you will donate $5 or more to her chip in and leave a comment stating that you have done so. I will then mail the t-shirt and a marker to you so that you can sign your family's name (not individual signatures unless there is just one of you) on it. Just let me know in a seperate comment where you want me to send it along with your email address. I will not publish that comment so that it stays private. Then your family can send the t-shirt and marker to the next family that donates, etc. I would also love it if each family could please take a picture of themselves with the t-shirt and email it to me. When there isn't anymore room for signatures, then it will be sent back to us where we will frame it and have it ready to hang up as a reminder to Autumn of how many people love her :) Well, there it is? So, leave me a comment and let's get this thing rolling!!