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Thursday, October 13, 2011

And the winners are....

First off, we want to sincerely thank all of you for taking part in our iPad 2 giveaway! There were almost 1,000 entries!!! You all will forever be a part of Autumn's story :) Now, since I know you are all dying to find out, here are the winners which were picked randomly through
The winner of the iPad 2 is.....
Mary Oliver (#586)!

The winner of the Gigi Hill handbag is.....
Cathy Hedrich (#660)!

The winner of the Coach wristlet is.....
Kaleigh Anderson (#145)!

Congratulations to the winners! We will be sending an email out to you to get your addresses so we can ship your prizes to you. Because of all of you, we are $3,070 closer to bringing Autumn home!

We love you all :)

P.S. We want to extend a special thank you to the Katsma family for providing the iPad 2 for this giveaway!  Also, a special thank you to Elissa for providing the Gigi Hill handbag and, last but not least, Andrea for providing the Coach wristlet!
We are so very thankful to you all for blessing us in this way :)

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Ipad 2 giveaway update!

Our giveaway has officially ended as of about 30 minutes ago! We set a goal to raise at least $3000 total before midnight. Did we do it?? Oh yeah!! We have been so blessed by all of those friends that made it happen :) Thank you again for all of your love and support. Our family will always be truly grateful to each and every one of you!

Monday, October 10, 2011

Last day!!!!

Hey everyone,
  Well, we are finally here. Today is the last day to donate to our iPad 2 giveaway! I had to set up a new chip in for those who still want to make a donation because the other ended at around 9ish this morning. I thought it would continue on until midnight. So if you all were wondering why it says zero, that's why. The original chip in ended at $2525 but with personal donations and a couple through our fsp, we have raised $2710.....YAY!!!!!!! Thank you all SO much for all of your donations. You are AMAZING!! Just as promised, we will be picking the winner in just 3 short days. So excited to see who the winners are for the iPad 2 and the two handbags! See you all in a few days :)