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Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Accessory Bags for Autumn and a Purse Giveaway

It is time to add some fun and fashionable handbags and accessory bags into the fundraisers for Autumn!
GIGI HILL bags is a fun, fashionable and fantastic up and coming company based in California. This is a great time to get your first Gigi Hill bag while helping us to bring Autumn home.
For the entire month of August, two amazing women, Lauren Shingleton and Elissa Lindsey, who sell Gigi Hill bags, will be donating ALL COMMISSION that comes in through their website to Autumn's adoption!
These bags are so fashionable and very functional. There is a bag for everyone! PLEASE COME SHOP while helping us to bring Autumn home. Think upcoming birthdays, Christmas and other holidays, or treat yourself to a bag you will LOVE.

Each bag comes in a variety of fabrics: cotton canvas, laminate, faux leather, and microsuade.The Gigi Hill signature pocket design ensures a pocket for anything and everything.

If you have ANY questions about any of the bags, please email Elissa at She is more than happy to be sure you are getting exactly what you want and expect from your order.

Here is the important info on how to order.
Follow this link to place your order:
(Unfortunately, gift card orders can not count toward the fundraiser.)

Any order under $32.99 will ship for free. Any order over $32.99 will ship at a cost of between $6.95 and $15.00.

*Everyone who makes a purchase of any amount (excluding gift card purchases) will be entered to win one of Gigi Hill's Spring/Summer Line bags- The Liz in English Chocolate. On August 31, all of the names of those who made a purchase will be entered into to select a winner.*